Shelving Installation

If you are trying to set up or search for new filing units or simply considering a complete overhaul of your storage facilities, units and products, the Impex can offer its services to help you with shelving installation. First, we can offer you in finding the best filing and storage solutions ideal for your business. We have a massive inventory dedicated to shelving units and we can make sure that you have the best options for your business no matter how big or small the project is. Once you have selected the storage tools that you need, are available for consultation if you wish to get help in how to install the shelves., our expert installers will help you every step of the way in finding the best shelving solutions and setting them up in your office. We offer certified installation services and we only send expert installers to protect your investment and ensure fast, quality and precise service.


Impex is notable for providing a wide range of pipes for plumbing, fluid transportation as well as joints, and other important parts for plumbing and other purposes. Pipes created from PE or Polyethylene is very cost effective and is the answer for numerous industries. Pipes are necessary for commercial, metropolitan and industrial settings. Impex only provides quality pipes that fit industrial standards especially for the construction industry while offering different sizes for the mining businesses. PE is known to be effective on surface, underground, floating or underwater installations, making it a versatile and cheap option. Impex offers high quality High Density Polyethylene pipes of HDPEs which are ideal for industries that require transporting water and other liquids at high pressure and volume, as well as safely transporting toxic and dangerous wastes without the material losing its quality. When it comes to pipes, Impex provides high quality, durable, long lasting and solid pipes that can stand the test of time and can also withstand dangerous chemicals. These pipes follow building, industrial and commercial standards to ensure quality and reliable results at all times..